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About Dr. Jenny

IMG_6622I believe strongly in disease early prevention and our body’s inherent ability to heal. I studied Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) both in China and US. I have been a practicing acupuncturist for over 15 years.

My family has a background in both Western and Eastern medicine. My father is a neurologist in Western medicine, now retired, and my mother is an acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine doctor. They are my advisers in my medical practice.

Since I was young, my parents taught me that what matters the most is how much you can help people. It is a wonderful privilege to care for my patients and assist them in achieving healthy, happy, pain-free and balanced lives. Having children has made me a better natural healer, because I now understand how important it is to start natural healing at birth.

I completed my doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DOAM) at Five Branches University in June 2017. My research interest was on treating Lyme disease with acupuncture and oriental medicine, expecting acupuncture would play an important role on treating Lyme arthritis in conjunction with conventional medicine (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs), as an effective pain-relieving and immune- and circulation-regulating treatment. The results of a clinical case study was very promising. I hope it would open up an opportunity for research trials concerning acupuncture treatment for Lyme arthritis and other Lyme symptoms, and —focus on the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and conventional medicine, in order to maximize Lyme treatment efficacy.

I also earned my second master’s degree in Statistics from University of California, Riverside, after I received acupuncturist license. I taught graduate class of Research Methodology at Five Branches University, and I worked in the industry for three years until one day I realized my true passion was to be a healer.  Since I lived, studied and practiced both in China and US, I understand both Eastern and Western culture and am able to connect them.

My spare time mostly involves activities with my two young boys and husband. My entire family love sports, thus made me to be passionate knowing sports and nutrition, preventing and treating sports injuries. Both my boys are enthusiastic soccer players and Chinese martial art Kungfu players. I love hiking, running and fitness training. I also enjoy reading, cooking, Chinese calligraphy, drawing and painting. I earned NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) personal trainer certificate (more about CES: . With this additional knowledge, I am able to offer private coach and/or integrating to acupuncture practice to help patients reduce the risk of injure, evaluate and correct posture in order to prevent or manage chronic pain, help move, feel and live better.

**If you are interested in Yoga and Chinese Martial Art Kungfu, you must try my Yoga coach Ms. Patrica Becker at Your Health and Joy , and Kungfu coach Mr. Shengwei Cheng at Silicon Valley Kung Fu Academy


Junpeng Qiu, M.D.

My father, a retired former Neurologist


Yong Wu, O.M.D., L.Ac.

My mother, a former Chinese Medicine Doctor and Professor at Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

Now a Clinical Supervisor and Professor at South Baylo University, US.