Acupuncture Works

A Natural Way of Healing

Kids Love Acupuncture

Surprisingly, kids LOVE Acupuncture!             

As a mother of two, I’m very passionate about kid’s health, nutrition, parenting and healthy living. Pediatric practice in Chinese medicine has been well recognized for a long time in China. When Chinese medicine integrated with modern medicine and used appropriately, it can keep kids healthier than ever. This is so important today in US, because children face many more health issues than ever such as allergies, asthma, eczema, obesity, epilepsy, autism and ADD/ADHD!

Many people think that acupuncture and kids don’t go together.  Well, they do!  Kids respond very well to acupuncture and often they look forward to their treatments.

IMG_6449photo kid






Pediatric Acupuncture FAQ:

  • Q: How does Acupuncture work?

A: Acupuncture helps baby/child’s body heal itself. Our bodies are designed with great healing powers, but sometimes bodies need a little help to heal and that’s what acupuncture does. It also helps the body heal faster.

  • Q: My kid is terrified with needles, will they actually do Acupuncture?

A: Mostly yes. With kids under 5, needles are not retained. We call them “taps” and they are gently tapped in and immediately removed.  We don’t refer to them as needles simply because we don’t want the child to feel unnecessary fear or worry. The treatment may take as little as 10-20 minutes, and they do not need to sit still. With kids over 5, we usually give a needle to the child and ask for role switch. All most all children love to “tap” on us. At last the child is most likely willing to let us tap on him/her. Try to avoid words like pinch, prick, pokey, poke, pins or needles, since these words may sound scary and cause your child to be afraid of acupuncture.

  • Q: What if my kid doesn’t want to try taps, what can we do?

A: That’s alright, sometimes even the bravest kids don’t want to try tap right away. We have other non-needle techniques, such as microcurrent and laser pen, that have a similar therapeutic effects as acupuncture. Your child will never be forced to do taps or anything else against their wishes. Bringing a favorite toy, stuffed animal or blanket sometimes gives the child comfort.

  • Q: What if my kid ask if it hurts?

A: Don’t lie to him/her. When the child is taped in there is possible little discomfort during the procedure. The child might feel a tiny amount of discomfort, but most don’t.

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