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Jenny did an amazing job helping me to turn a breach baby.
I was 34 weeks pregnant when my baby decided to turn head up again. My midwife and I were worried that there would soon not be enough space for the baby to turn head down and she recommended to try acupuncture.  I contacted Jenny and she took me immediately. She used a technique involving moxibustion – a way to stimulate an acupuncture point with heat – on my little toes. This stimulates the baby to move and is combined with some postures the mum assumes to give the baby more room. I appreciated that Jenny was honest and told me that the best time to try this is during week 32 or 33 of pregnancy but that we should nevertheless give it a try… And it worked! I had to see her only once as she was so kind to give me all I needed to apply the technique at home. Two days later the baby had turned head down!

Bettina A.

I want to thank you for your wonderful hands. You are very tender and effective. the best acupuncturist in the whole world! I can’t believe my pain is gone. I sleep much better and feel much better. Thank you so much. I want to tell you about by cholesterol. It is low now, I visited my doctor last Thursday, and he told me my cholesterol is low. Thank you for the tablets you provided for me, the Red Yeast Rice is working very well for me.

— Elva R.

Eureka! I have finally found  a great acupuncturist south of the Hayward Bridge. The most important thing about Jenny’s (Zhenyu Qiu) acupuncture is that she’s not just an acupuncturist, she is a healer who cares.

I’ve been getting acupuncture, off and on, for over 30 years, ever since I stumbled across one when I lived next to Chinatown in San Francisco.  I’ve been seeing Jenny for about five years.  

I always felt better when I left an appointment with Jenny. Her needles are painless &  she is not of the school that says “no pain no gain.” She works with me for the full hour or longer if she thinks there’s something else she has not tried that will ease my symptoms.  

If I have more than one symptom, she spends more time.  Besides acupuncture, she uses moist heat, cupping and even herbs if you’re into that kind of medicine. However, she doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for the herbs.  

I get all kinds of pain: from arthritis to wracking body ache, from reversed sleep cycles to restless legs syndrome (it’s not a funny disease contrary to Bill Marr), from nausea to flu-like fuzzy-headed symptoms, from excruciating nerve pain to headaches at the base of my skull to my temples.

Jenny at least relieves the symptoms I’m having that day & for a few more days.  And with regular appointments she has eliminated symptoms for weeks or months for me.

Acupuncture with Jenny is the best tool I have for coping with my illness and  I have an excruciating form of Lyme disease.  Sad to say, very few doctors or medical service practitioners are Lyme literate. Many doctors say if you can’t pass my blood tests you must be crazy.  Jenny was interested in helping from the first time I came in to see her.  

Talking to her during an appointment, I found out that she’s finishing a Ph.D. in acupuncture and Chinese medicine that focuseson the symptoms of all those diseases most doctors don’t want to talk about: not just Lyme disease but chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and a long list of autoimmune and immune deficient diseases.

I always feel symptom relief after a session and she works on me until she feels she has addressed all my symptoms. She takes good medical notes before every session but has an intuition about what is hurting the most that day in my body or mind. She does not divide the two like many doctors.  

— T.H.

Thank you so much, I had given up hope of ever feeling this way again. After your treatment, I felt so much better, that about a month and a half afterwards I forgot about my back and almost held my own weight in a position I shouldn’t have. I felt (and heard) three cracks from my spine, and thank God they were ‘good’ cracks, not detrimental! Now I feel even better! Thank you, and I look forward to Elva getting in touch with you to see when we can set up another session.

— Imre R.

About a year ago I decided to try acupuncture for the first time. I was curious to find out if it would be an effective way to deal with muscle soreness in my back. It worked very well in releasing the tension and tightness in my back, and I felt much more relaxed physically and mentally. This elevated feeling of well-being usually lasts 3 or 4 days and leaves me with a sense of appreciation and peace of mind. I would recommend acupuncture for anyone!

— Norman O.

I saw Jenny for an acupuncture treatment because I had severe knee and lower back pain — each one aggravating the other and preventing me from walking or exercising. I have osteoarthritis and a torn meniscus in my knee, disk degeneration, some bulging, and scoliosis in my lower back. I decided to try acupuncture because the only other relief suggested was a knee replacement. My first session with Jenny resulted in no apparent change for the first two days, followed by five days of no pain whatsoever! I was overjoyed but cautious. I followed-up by receiving treatment from Jenny weekly after the first session for the next month and then every other week for the following month. I remain pretty much pain free. I do wear a knee brace and I am cautious not to overextend or overdo, but I am able to exercise, garden and walk without pain which I could not do before these acupuncture treatments. I am entirely convinced of the efficacy of acupuncture as practiced by Jenny for my problems. She is a kind, caring, knowledgeable and remarkably capable practitioner. I have recommended her services to friends and do so here.

— Naomi S.

Thank you, Jenny, for being such a wonderful acupuncturist with your attention to detail for my health and well being. I highly recommend you. I felt so wonderful after my session with you yesterday. I hope to call and schedule a appointment with you again next week.

— Patricia B.

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