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Curative Power of Food for Fall

  1. Dry lotus seeds, mung bean, coxi seeds (Job’s tears);
  2. Porridge;
  3. Asian pear;
  4. Persimmon;
  5. Jujube;
  6. Chinese yam;
  7. Chinese yam dish;
  8. White radish;
  9. Rib and white radish soup.

Food is the best medicine. According to Chinese medicine, Autumn governs the lungs, the five-element is gold, and the color is white. So in order to nourish the lungs, Chinese medicine suggests to eat more white foods in Fall.

I am going to introduce major benefits of Job’s tears, since it’s one of Chinese herbs.

Yi Yi Ren Chinese Herb | Coix Herb | Jobs Tear Herbs | Pure Chinese Herb 1 Lb - Plum Dragon Herbs

Job’s tears is also know as Chinese pearl barley or coix seed. In Chinese medicine, it enters Spleen, Lung and Kidney meridians. Job’s tears has the following main actions and indications:

  1. It improves digestion, strengthens the Spleen and stops diarrhea.
  2. It promotes urination and leaches out dampness: for edema, urinary difficulty.
  3. It enhances the Lung function. It clears Lung heat and expels Lung or Intestinal abscess.
  4. It expels wind-dampness. Especially effective for increasing joint mobility and reducing spasms in chronic conditions such as muscle spasm, arthritis pain and muscular rigidity.
  5. It clears damp-heat: for any damp-heat disorders at any level characterized by a greasy tongue coating and digested problems.

6. An active ingredient, Coixenolide is an effective ingredient for anti-cancer.

Use with caution during pregnancy.

Job’s tears is available at Amazon, or local Asian supermarket.