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Qigong daily Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang)

Qigong Standing Meditation requires: Loose or relax, Quite, Sinking; Inhale – drawing the abdomen, lifting up the anus (strengthen external anal sphincter); Exhale – expanding the belly and kidney, relaxing anal sphincter.

The Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang) is a basic technique for the internal style of Chinese martial arts. As the saying goes, “To learn how to fight, one must start with Zhuang; to learn how to punch, one must first practice Zhuang.” Zhuang (literally, a stake) is a metaphor for the body standing fixed and firm like a wood stake. The standing meditation is based upon the standing posture while the body is maintained in a specific posture. It can hold the entire body or a certain part of the body in a sustained static state with a certain degree of tightness in force.

The standing meditation is not only a basis of Chinese martial arts, but also a preventive health exercise. It comprised of both physical and energetic skill sets. According to the research, the standing meditation regulates nervous system, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, improves immunity, and mobilizes the body’s own functions to prevent or treat disease. Standing mediation helps reducing pain, stress, anxiety and depression, improving chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and insomnia. It also benefits healthy people who wish to increase their energy level further. The standing meditation is a perfect entry point for anyone wanting to learn to Qigong meditation properly while strengthening and healing their bodies at the same time. Starting daily standing meditation as little as five minutes would suffice the benefits. Once one mastered the Qigong meditation properly, he/she can meditate as long as two hours.